Dug Down Deep
And in times of a situation like this, all I need is my Dad…… Just a hug and the arms of my Daddy Cuk could give me a perfect peace now……… How I wish he is here with me now……….
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All of my life, in every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship.
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Ola second semester! :-))

Principles of Journalism
Introduction to Advertising PR
Writing for Mass Media

-Hello Majors!! Whooooo. Okay ohkay Sarah, you:ll never ever take those subjects alone, you know that well :-)) alam na, busy na ulit foreber with HIS help!

: I know that I could trust YOU, my Jesus :”“”>


#tweeter #worshiper #jesusculture


#tweeter #worshiper #jesusculture


Maybe there would really be just these moments when all I wanma do is to stay silent, sit beside you and stare. Call me bi-polar, tease me, get pissed but naa, I just can’t say any word at all.. I don’t know. I just want you around.. It may be difficult to understand but trust me, everything is fine.. I only want your presence, nothing less..

I don’t know.. Is this really normal? I mean to feel numb or unhappy with your relationship? Tired or something? It hurts deep within but I just can’t find any remedy to feel better at all..
Will walking away would be a good decision? Or ending these all perhaps? Pain will always be there whether you stay or you leave right? Stepping out of the door may hurt you for a little while but we know how kind the time is, it will be gone eventually.. But what if we continue? What about the pain we’ll try to cause to the both of us? To our loved ones? To GOD? :(((((((((((((((( huhuhuhu. I’m gettin crazy- Jesus, oh save me.

Your love, it’s more than enough~

And I am coming before Jesus with all the courage to tell Him that “God, the things that surrounds me now are of less important.. They weren’t worth it compared to what we have now and to what we could ever have soon”..

The cross is more than enough God.. Your blood and Your love is more than enough.. It’s been a week, I’ve been telling these lines to myself repeatedly since then.. Did you ever get into a situation where in yes, you already know the answers to all your concerns and yet, you cannot even take a step to solve your problems? Just watching yourself drown when you do know how to swim out of that cliff..

Things have appeared unpleasing to everyone’s eyes recently.. I didn’t know how I get here.. I know the answers but how, how Jesus..

If there’s only one thing that I know in mind now is that again, the cross is more than enough Sarah. It’s more than enough to keep your head up, just pressing forward to do more things for Him, just for Him..

GooodMorning Baby!! 😄 Monmy loves you >:D< #Bonbon #Bembem #bema #Sundaymorning (Taken with Instagram)

GooodMorning Baby!! 😄 Monmy loves you >:D< #Bonbon #Bembem #bema #Sundaymorning (Taken with Instagram)

@ Doña Jovita Resort.. Muntik na maging biglaan mheh &gt;:D&lt; #happyweekend #relax #unwind (Taken with Instagram)

@ Doña Jovita Resort.. Muntik na maging biglaan mheh >:D< #happyweekend #relax #unwind (Taken with Instagram)

Haaaaappy Bday Betsaaaaa!! 🍴😊👏🎉🐷 =))) At @fitzlsd&#8217;s crib.. #checkered #picstitch (Taken with Instagram)

Haaaaappy Bday Betsaaaaa!! 🍴😊👏🎉🐷 =))) At @fitzlsd’s crib.. #checkered #picstitch (Taken with Instagram)

Coz I&#8217;m inlove with the man named Jesus ☺😍👼 (Taken with Instagram)

Coz I’m inlove with the man named Jesus ☺😍👼 (Taken with Instagram)

What's with your posts? What's the problem? ;(

Bru! Sorry I just checked my inbox. Lezz forget about that or jst tackle some other time :> Love you, God bless! <3

No mountains, no valley, no gain or loss, high nor depths, nor pains neither sins : could ever keep us from the Love of God

Yes, the one who’s reading this post, you are loved!

Hello, I’ve been thinking about God’s love over and over lately and as He says, we can never understand it. It’s too wide, huge for us! And yet, for me, by just knowing that truth -I am secured and confident enough that it’s perfect and it will never, ever ran out for me, and for you as well..

It’s almost quarter to 2am in my clock and yes, my mind and my eyes are kinda battling now. Imma go to bed in a few. Just posted a reminder for you, yes you :>

Keep strong. Hold on to His promises. We must know that the battle and reward is with us already. It is given to us already even before we started this race. Keep strong in faith and in love..

I’m telling you guys, when you get the taste of His love, again, you won’t ever help but to search and long for more.. It’s awesome! Haha, best hang-over for good, for forever! Seek Him and find Him.. Goodnight, God bless!


My Heart And My Soul #JesusCulture (Taken with Instagram)


My Heart And My Soul #JesusCulture (Taken with Instagram)